50 Love Rules Every Woman Should Live By

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Prolog: Sedang baca Glamour US edisi lama (Maret 2010) dan ada satu artikel dengan judul menantang. Yuk mari dibaca dan dipahami lalu dipraktekkan.

50 Love Rules Every Woman Should Live By
These little nuggets come from movies, songs, wise men, wiser women and the wisest sources of all--you. Tape them to your mirror, decoupage them to your phone... whatever it takes!
By Margarita Bertsos

15 Rules For Single Woman
"If he says he isn't ready for a relationship, believe him." Kerri Otto, 32, Traverse City, Mitch.

"Marry Someone you want to sit next to for the rest of your life." Megan Smollin, 26, Astoria, N.Y

"Guys are like subway trains. Don't run after them; another one is on its way." canuck, on glamour.com

"Respect yourself. I said to my ex, I'm not going to make you my everything if i'm only your something." Alyssa Stabile, 19, Boston.

"Don't trust anyone who doesn;t laugh." Maya Angelou

"My grandfather had some gems: 'Don't be with a stupid just to be with any man.' 'A real man always takes care of his family.' ' You don't want to be walked over, and you don't want a man you can't walk over either.' And my favorite: 'Don't be fool, Michelle. You can be anything you want. but don't be a fool.'" Michelle Porter, 28, Charlotte, N.C.

"The guys who were nerdy in high school make the best husbands." Jennifer Goldstein, 31, Brooklyn.

"To love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance." Oscar Wilde.

"You can tell a lot about a guy by how he treats your cab driver." Alanna Sobel, 25, Wahington D.C.

"If he likes you, you'll know. If he doesn't, you'll be confused." sayitloud, on glamour.com

"Never marry a man who has no friends." father Pat Connor. 79 year old Catholic Priest, as quoted by Maureen Dowd in her New York Times column.

"Never tattoo a guy's name on your body," Rebekah Rankin, 27, Scottsdale, Ariz

"I used to be into bad biys but kept getting burned. The, I heard this: say no to the guys you usually say yes to, and yes to the ones you normally say no to. I did and it totally worked. I have a great husband now." Laura Knudsen, 27, Charlestown, Prince Edward Island.

"Personal hygiene is part of the package." Jim Carey

"It's OK to show up at a guy's house with a dozen roses and declare your undying affection. It's OK to have too much to drink and call your ex 20 times and then to be mortally embarassed when you realize your number must have shown up on his caller ID. It's OK because making a fool of yourself for love is ultimately about you, how much you have to give and the distances you will travel to keep your heart wide open when everything around you makes you feel like slamming it shut and soldering it closed." Veronica Chambers, Glamour's features director and author of The Jof Of Doing Things Badly.

10 Movie Lines To Memorize Your Real Love Life
"Stop thinking about what everyone wants. Stop thinking about what I want... what your parents want. What do you want?" Noah in The Notebook

"Just because some cute girl (or guy?) like the same bizarro crap you do doesn't make her your soulmate." Rachel in (500) Days of Summer

"You can't marry someone when you're in love with someone else." Captain Von Trapp in The Sounds of Music

"Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away." Ianis in Corelli's Mandolin

"The past can hurt... You can eithe rrun from it or learn from it." Rafiki in The Lion King

"When the planes hit the Twin Towers, as far as I know, none of the phone calls from the people on board were messages of hate or revenge--they were all messages of love. If you look for it, I've spot a sneaking suspicion... love actually is all around." Prime Minister in Love Actually.

"God wouldn't have given you maracas if He didn't want you to shake 'em." Penny in Dirty Dancing

"If there's any kind of magic in this world, it must be in the attempt of understanding someone, sharing something. It's almost impossible to succeed, but who cares, really? The answer must be in the attemp." Celine in Before Sunset.

"You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Buttler in Gone With The Wind.

"she's got gaps" I got gaps. Together we feel gaps." Rocky Balboa in Rocky

15 Rules For Married Women
"All love that has not friendship for its base is like a mansion built upon the sand." poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox

"Sex alleviates tension." Woody Allen

"Let there be spaces in your togetherness." poet Kahlil Gibran.

"Separate bathrooms!" Inspires, on glamour.com

"Feed, pet and play. Oh, wait... that's the relationship I have with my cat! It still aplies." Lindsey Fulton, 25, Houston

"My nonna always told my mom, who then passed the advice to me: 'Don't talk to me about the fights you have with your husband. Because then you guys solve it in the bedroom, and the next day I'm still mad." Amanda Chamberlain, 23, Hobokin, N.J

"When you have a family and you cheat on your spouse, you cheat on everyone, even your friends." jennynyc15, on glamour.com

"An older women told me something that stayed with me. I asked her how she stayed married so long. Her reply, " We never felt out of love at the same time." I love that, because no matter how much we want to deny it, there are times we want to throw our boyfriends or husbands overboard--and vice versa. But as long as someone is trying, then you can make it." Christie Pourtemour, 29, Manhattan beach, Calif.

"Whenever you're worng, admit it; whenever you're right, shut up." poet Ogden Nash

"Hold on to each other above everything else." from teh Lifehouse song 'Whatever It Takes'

"An orgasm a day keep the doctor away." Mae West

"You need not think alike to love alike." Jillian Maxwell, 28, brooklyn

"A friend once told me that when you argue with your husband (and you will), never make personal attacks. Stick with the subject: there are some things that can never be taken back." EMagdon, on glamour.com

"Keep the fights cleand and the sex dirty."molldoll3213 on glamour.com

"When you decide to commit, you've got to commit. Can't cheat. Wanna cheat. Can't cheat. Dying to cheat. Can't wait to cheat. Can't cheat. Some guys gotta go to rehab not to cheat. But you can't cheat. Know why? because your going to get caught. I don't care who you are, (even if) you're 007. you're going to get caught. And you don;t want to get caught." Chris Rock

10 Golden Pieces od Love Wisdom from Glamour Cover Stars
"Never date (a friend's) ex-boyfriend. That's not even the unspoken rule--that's the spoken rule." Eva Longoria Parker, february 2009

"I wouldn't want to be with a pushover. I'd rather be with someone who has his own voice and passion and ambition." Taylor Swift, August 2009

"You have to be nortured emotionally and spiritually, and you have to be intrigue runs out, you're not going to want to go home anymore." Charlize Theron, July 2008

"Three and half years ago. I had my kids, I had an Oscar, but I wasn't love. (Then) a man came along and said 'You deserved to be loved...' That's what it's about... balance in your life." Nicole Kidman, speaking at Glamour's 2008 Women of the Year Award

"It's unhealthy to have a predisposed expectation of what you think a marriage should be--as this thing at the end of the rainbow. False expectations take away joy." Sandra Bullovk, June 2006

"Make time (fot love), it doesn't matter who you are--your life can't just be all work. "Beyonce Knowles, September 2003

"Come home, dim the lights and do (your) thing--I'm not going into any more detail than that." Chritina Guilera, AUgust 2008

"When things are going poorly with your kids, you don't put them on the doorstep and say "See ya Later." The same goes for your spouse. It's not all bliss, but commitment is what love is about." Faith Hill, November 2006

"Having a good sense of humor is imperative. At some point, the sparks are just embers, so you need someone you can laugh with." Sheryl Crow, September 2006

"Cute's good. But cute only lasts for so long, and then it's. Who are you as a person?" Michelle Obama, Desember 2009

That's all. Mudah-mudahan ada quote yang bisa menginspirasi--entah dalam kehidupan nyata atau bagi teman-teman penulis yang sednag menulis.

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