#Scene on Three 1 - Anna and The French Kiss

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Judul buku: Anna and the French Kiss
Penulis: Stephanie Perkins
Penerbit: SPEAK (Penguin Books)

Untuk Scene On Three 1, berhubung gue lagi baca Anna and the French Kiss karangan Stephanie Perkins, gue mau ambil dari novel ini. Selain itu, sebenarnya buku ini banyak adegan unyu yang bikin gue mesem-mesem karena gue officially naksir ETIENNE ST. CLAIR, hihi.
Adegan ini diambil dari halaman 183-186. Banyak memang, tapi ini salah satu adegan yang gue suka.

We spend the day walking around again. We catch part of a Danny Boyle film festival and take another stroll beside the Seine. I teach him how to skip stones; I can't believe he doesn't know how. It starts drizzling, so we pop into a bookshop across from Notre-Dame. The yellow-and-green sign reads SHAKESPEARE AND COMPANY.
Inside, we're struck by chaos. A horde of customers crowds the desk, and everywhere I turn there are books, books, and more books. But it's not like a chain, wehere everything is neatly organized on shelves and tables and end caps. Here books totter in wobbly stacks, fall from the seats of chairs, and spill from sagging shelves. There are cardboard boxes overflowing with books, and a black cat naps beside a pile on the stairs. But the most astonishing thing is that all of the books are in English.
St. Clair notices my awed expression. "You've never been here before?"
I shake my head, and he's surprised. "It's quite famous. Hey, look--" He holds up a copy of Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress. "This is familiar, eh?"
I wander in a daze, half thrilled to be surrounded by my own languange, half terrified to disturb anything. One wrong touch might break the entire store. It could collapse, and we'd be buried in an avalanche of yellowed pages.
The rain patters against the windows. I push my way through a group of tourists and examine the fiction section. I don't know why I;m looking for him, but I can't help it. I worl backward. Christie. Cather. Caldwell, Burroughs, Bronte, Berry, Baldwin, Auster, Austen, Ashley. James Ashley.
A line of my father's books. Six of them. I pull a hardcover copy of The Incident from the shelf, and I cringe at the familiar sunset on the cover.
"What's that?" St. Clair asks. I startle. I didn't realize he standing beside me.
He takes the novel from me, and his eyes widen with recognition. He flips it over, and Dad's author photo grins back at us. My father is overly tan, and his teeth gleam fake white. He's wearing a lavender polo shirt, and his hair blows gently in the wind.
St. Clair raises his eyebrows. "I don't see the relation. He's much better looking."
I sputter with nervousness, and he taps my arms with the book. "It's worse than I tought." He laughs. "Does he always look like this?"
He flips it open and reads the jacket. I watch his face anxiously. His expression grows puzzled. I see him stop and go back to read someting again. St. Clair looks up at me. "It's about cancer," he says.
Oh. My. God.
"This woman has cancer. What happened to her?"
I can't swallow. "My father is an idiot. I've told you, he's a complete jackass."
An excruciating pause. "He sells a lot of these, does he?"
I nod.
"And people enjoy this? They find it entertaining, do they?"
"I'm sorry St. Clair." Tears are welling in my eyes. I've never hated my father as much as I do right now. How could he? How dare he make money off something so horrible? St.Clair shuts the book and shoves it back on the shelf. He picks up another, The Entrance. The leukemia novel. My father wears a dress shirt with the first few buttons casually undone. His arms are crossed, but he has that same ridiculous grin.
"He's a freak," I say. "A total ... goinky freak."
St Clair snorts. He open his mouth to say something, but then sees me crying, "No, Anna. Anna, I'm sorry."
"I'm sorry. You shouldn't have seen this." I snatch the book and thrust it back the shelf. Another stack of novels tumbles off and crashes to the floor between us. We drop to pick them up and bash heads.
"Ow," I say.
St. Clair rubs his head. "Are you allright?"
I wrench the book from his hands. "I'm fine. Just fine." I pile them back on the bookcase and stumble to the back of the store, as far from him, as far from my father, as possible. But a few minutes lates, St. Clair is back at my side.
"It's not your fault," he says quietly. "You don't pick your parents. I know that as well as anyone, Anna."
"I don't want to talk about it."
"Fair enough." He holds up a collective of poetry. Pablo Neruda. "Have you read this?"
I shake my head.
"Good. Because I just bought it for you.."
"It's on our syllabus for next semester in English. You don't to buy it anyway. Open it up," he says.
Confused, I do. There's a stamp on the front page. SHAKESPEARE AND COMPANY, Kilometer Zero Parts. I blink. "Kilometer Zero? Is that the same thing as Point Zero?" I think about our first walk around the city together.
"For old times' sake." St. Clair smiles. "Come on, the rain's stopped. Let's get out of here."

Panjang? Memang.
So far, ini scene favorit gue. Gue belum selesai baca, sih, hehe.
Ada banyak alasan kenapa gue memilih adegan ini sebagai scene on three. Pertama, LOKASINYA DI SHAKESPEARE AND COMPANY. Sebagai pecinta buku, mimpi banget gue bisa mampir ke toko buku itu, beli buku di sana cuma buat dapetin stempel itu. Dan, deskripsi tentang isi dalam toko bukunya detail banget. Gue sampai ngebayangin gue yang jadi Anna dan bengong di dalamnya. Books and books and more books. Surga banget enggak, sih? Kedua, ada St. Clair di sana. SHAKESPEARE AND COMPANY MAKIN KEREN KARENA DI SANA ADA ETIENNE ST. CLAIR. Gue memang jatuh cinta sama karakter St. Clair ini, dan ngebayangin gue jadi Anna, berdua di dalam Shakespeare and Co, terus di luar lagi hujan dan ada air hujan menetes di jendela, kurang romantis apa lagi coba? Ketiga, gue suka adegan St. Clair beliin buku Neruda. Gue senang banget dikasih hadiah buku dan pengin sih dikasih buku sama St. Clair, hihi. Coba, ya, tokoh Anna ini into it ke buku, pasti dia akan lebih excited ketika berada di sini.
Intinya, adegan ini bikin gue mupeng, hihi.
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